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Resources For Leaders

Here is a whole range of resources designed to help Leaders.

Leaflets handed out to every new member
Basic, core information suitable for everyone
Information suitable for 8+ year olds
Information suitable for 10+ year olds
Useful for Beaver Leaders
Useful for Cub Leaders
Useful for Scout Leaders
Useful for Explorer Leaders
Useful for Young Leader Leaders
Information for all adults when they first join
Information for Group Supporters
Information for allLeaders
Information regarding activities, including kit lists
Information necessary when about to buy equipment
Checklists for various badges
[Suitable for Leader's record keeping]
Ticklists for various badges
[Suitable for 'Scouts' to take away & be signed]


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ck out our Recruitment Flyer and our PDF Membership Enquiry Form or go to our on-line version.

These leaflets are handed to every new member:

For All Adults when they1st join

00 Resource Pack Cover 6-25 Programme
01 Welcome To Crosland Hill An Effective Group
02a To The New Member Audio & Visual Aids
02b Membership Details Children's Wisdom
03 The Sections First Response
04a Scout Uniforms Fundamentals Of Scouting
05 6-25 Programme How To Prioritise
06 Uniform Policy Murphy was a Scouter
07 YOUNG PEOPLE FIRST Preparing A Talk
08a Anti-Bullying Policy Some Facts On Giving A Talk
08b CRB Explanation Speaking In Public
09a Child Protection Support Within Scouting
09b Media & Wesite Policy The Skills Of Leadership
11 CRB - Policy on Portability

Of Interest to All Adults

12a Gift Aid Explanation 10 Ways To Say Thanks
13a Parent Support An Approach To Problem Solving
13b Jobs An Introduction To Counselling
14 The Scouters' Team 2005 Approaching Tasks & Problems
15 The Group Executive Team, 2005 Are You Scaring Away Volunteers
16 History Of The Movement (HJC) Buzz Groups
17 History 9th Case Study Methods
F1 Health & Information Form Committee
F2 Gift Aid Declaration, Subs Design & Display
F3 Standing Order Mandate Displays
F4 Parents Help Form Facilitating
F6 Labels Fund Raising!
F7 My Good Turn Diary Fundraising - Winners & Killers
F8 e-mail Survey Generating Ideas
F9 ME! Group Development
F10 Membership Enquiry Form How To Get Your Name In The Paper
Leading A Discussion Group

Basic Core Sheets - For All

Managing Change
Data Protection Meetings
Fundamentals Of Scouting Moderation
Group Awards Badges Objective Trees
Participation & Moving-On Awards 'Pen Paragraphs' Request
Project Management

Basic Core Sheets - For Age 8+

Badge Examiner's Report Questionnaires, Focus Groups, & Interviews
Group Awards Badges Review - Helping Adults Choose The Right Path
The International Friendship Award Role Play
Environment Safety In Fundraising
Faith Award Supporting The Group Treasurer
Group Awards Badges

Group Supporters [Executive Committee]

Core Sheets - For Age 10+

Adult Volunteers
B-P History Are You Scaring Away Volunteers
Camp Bank Committee
How Scouting Grew Equal Opportunities 2001
Investiture Fund Raising!
Scouting Symbols & Ceremonies Fundraising - Winners & Killers
How To Get Your Name In The Paper

Beaver Colony

Badges & Awards 'Pen Paragraphs' Request
Beaver Chief Scout's Bronze Award Producing A Welcome Pack
Beaver Scout Uniform Safety In Fundraising
The Programme Zones Scouters+Kids+Parents
Position Of Badges Working With Parents
Creative Challenge Record Sheet Group Chairperson
Fitness Challenge Record Sheet Group Secretary
Friendship Challenge Record Sheet Group Treasurer
Global Challenge Record Sheet Group Executive Committee
Outdoor Challenge Record Sheet Scout Association's help for Adults
Progress Stages for Beavers Scout Association's Rules on Group Executive
Promise Challenge Record Sheet
The Challenge Badges

For Leaders when they first join

Uniform Policy Adult's Personal File
What Are Beaver Scouts, & Promise Assessing Learning [25]
Frequently Asked Questions

Cub Pack

Group Parents' Evening
Cub Badge Booklet Hints For Effective Programme Planning
Cub Badges & Awards How To Use Induction Toolkit
Cub Challenge Badges HQ Services
Cub Challenge Record Sheet Induction
Cub Chief Scout's Silver Award Leader's Minutes
Cub Law & Promise Wordsearch Leadership In Scouting
Cub List Of Badges Letters On Discipline
Cub Membership Award Managing A Learning Provision [34]
Cub New Managing Adults [24]
Cub Pack Ceremonies Matrix
Cub Position Of Badges Module Completion List
Cub Scouts & Law & Promise Peace Prayers
Cub Sixer's Duties Planning An Event
Cub Uniform Policy

For Leaders - Advanced

Pack Community Challenge Record Sheet Equal Opportunities 2001
Pack Creative Challenge Record Sheet Exploring Leadership Skills
Pack Fitness Challenge Record Sheet Jungle Book Extracts
Pack Global Challenge Record Sheet Learning About Leadership
Pack Outdoor Challenge Record Sheet Motivation Of Leaders
Pack Outdoor Plus Challenge Record Sheet Scouters+Kids+Parents
Pack Promise Challenge Record Sheet Scouting
Progress Stages for Cubs Super Scouter!
Checklist - Camper Badge What Can You Do With Problem Kids
Checklist - Chef Badge Working With Parents
Checklist - Emergency Aid 1 Scouting, A Balancing Act
Checklist - Emergency Aid 2
Checklist - Hikes Away

Activity Tips

Checklist - Map Reader Camp Attendance, a5,
Checklist - Navigator Camp Bank, Leader's Record Sheet
Checklist - Road Safety Camp Bank, Scout's Record Card
Jungle Book Wordsearch Caving Advice & Gear
Jungle Book Choosing A Campsite
What Are Cub Scouts Food Storage Times
Hike First Aid Kit

Scout Troop

Hiking Kit List
Scout Activity Badges & Zone Wheel Kit List - Camp Equipment Notes [a5 booklet]
Scout Badges & Awards Kit List - Canal [a5 booklet]
Scout Badges Kit List - Hostel & Caving [a5 booklet]
Scout Challenge Record Sheet Kit List - Hostels [a5 booklet]
Scout Law & Promise Kit List - Scammonden [a5 booklet]
Scout Membership Award Outdoor Cooking
Scout New Patrol Cooking Equipment
Progress Stages for Scouts Patrol Cooking Kit For 6
Troop Adventure Challenge Record Sheet Patrol Cooking
Troop Community Challenge Record Sheet Tips For Backpackers
Troop Creative Challenge Record Sheet What Is JOTA
Troop Expedition Challenge Record Sheet Kit List for Kettlewell [a5 booklet]
Troop Fitness Challenge Record Sheet Kit List [including Caving Advice/Gear] for Kettlewell [a5 booklet]
Troop Global Challenge Record Sheet
Troop Outdoor Challenge Record Sheet

Buying Equipment

Troop Outdoor Plus Challenge Record Sheet Equipment Layering
Troop Promise Challenge Record Sheet First Aid Kit
Chief Scout's Gold Award Footwear
Checklist - Camp Cook Badge Rucsacs
Checklist - Camper Badge Shell Clothing
Checklist - Campsite Service Badge Sleeping Bags
Checklist - Caver Badge Stoves
Checklist - Chef Badge Sundry Equipment
Checklist - Climber Badge Tents
Checklist - Emergency Aid 1
Checklist - Emergency Aid 2

Checklists For Badges

[Suitable for Leader's records]
Checklist - Emergency Aid 3 Cub Camper Badge
Checklist - Emergency Aid 4 Cub Chef Badge
Checklist - Emergency Aid 5 Cub Map Reader
Checklist - Hikes Away Cub Navigator
Checklist - Hobbies Cub - Road Safety
Checklist - Information Technology 1 Scout - Camp Cook Badge
Checklist - Information Technology 2 Scout - Camper Badge
Checklist - Information Technology 3 Scout - Campsite Service Badge
Checklist - Information Technology 4 Scout - Caver Badge
Checklist - Information Technology 5 Scout - Chef Badge
Checklist - Interpreter Scout - Climber Badge
Checklist - Navigator Scout - Hobbies
Checklist - Physical Recreation Scout - Interpreter
Checklist - Sports Enthusiast Scout - Navigator
Scout Patrol Competition - Rules Scout - Physical Recreation
Scout PL's Duties Scout - Sports Enthusiast
Scout Position Of Badges Staged Emergency Aid 1
Scout Uniform Policy Staged Emergency Aid 2
Scout Zone Wheel Staged Emergency Aid 3
Scouts, A Background Staged Emergency Aid 4
What is a Patrol Leaders Council Staged Emergency Aid 5
What Is Scouting Hikes Away
Checklist - Information Technology 1

Explorer Scout Unit

Checklist - Information Technology 2
Explorer Uniform Policy Checklist - Information Technology 3
Progress Stages for Explorers Checklist - Information Technology 4
Explorers Activity Badges Checklist - Information Technology 5
Explorers Award Differences - Scout & DoE
Explorers Badges & Awards

Ticklists For Badges

[Suitable for 'Scouts' to take home]
Explorers Chief Scout's Diamond Award Cub - Chef
Explorers Chief Scout's Platinum Award Cub - Communicator
Explorers International, Environmental, & Values Activities Cub - Home Help
Explorers Membership Award Cub - Home Safety
Explorers New Scout - Camp Cook
Explorers Position Of Badges Scout - Camper
Explorers Queen's Scout Award Scout - Campsite Service
Scouting Symbols & Ceremonies Scout - Chef
What Is Explorer Scouting Scout - Hiker
Scout - Hobbies

Young Leaders

Scout - Navigator
Young Leaders - Information For Leaders Scout - Physical Recreation
Young Leaders' Essentials Scout - Sports Enthusiast
Young Leaders' Scheme Staged - Information Technology stages 1-5


We're here to help - A Scout District is run by:
DC - District Commissioner - who co-ordinates everyone else;
ADCs [Assistant DCs] for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts - who co-ordinate all the Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs, & Scout Trooops in the District;
ESC [Explorer Scout Commissioner] - who co-ordinates all things Explorer Scouting;
DSLs [District SLs], DBSLs [District Beaver SLs], DCSLs, & DESLs - who help the ADCs.
For County level, substitute C [County] for D in the above.
Visit the Scoutese page for more translations.

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