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Activity & Equipment Resources


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Activity Advice

Buying Equipment

  Camp Attendance, a5,   Equipment Layering [keeping warm]
  Camp Bank, Leader's Record Sheet   First Aid Kit
  Camp Bank, Scout's Record Card   Footwear
  Caving Advice & Gear   Rucsacs
  Choosing A Campsite   Shell Clothing [Waterproofs]
  Food Storage Times   Sleeping Bags
  Hike First Aid Kit   Stoves
  Hiking Kit List   Sundry Equipment
  Kit List - Camp Equipment Notes [a5 booklet]   Tents
  Kit List - Canal [a5 booklet]    
  Kit List - Hostel & Caving [a5 booklet]    
  Kit List - Hostels [a5 booklet]    
  Kit List - Scammonden [a5 booklet]    
  Kit List for Kettlewell [a5 booklet]    
  Kit List [including Caving Advice/Gear] for Kettlewell [a5 booklet]    
  Outdoor Cooking    
  Patrol Cooking Equipment    
  Patrol Cooking Kit For 6    
  Patrol Cooking    
  Tips For Backpackers    
  What Is JOTA    


We're here to help - A Scout District is run by:
DC - District Commissioner - who co-ordinates everyone else;
ADCs [Assistant DCs] for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts - who co-ordinate all the Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs, & Scout Trooops in the District;
ESC [Explorer Scout Commissioner] - who co-ordinates all things Explorer Scouting;
DSLs [District SLs], DBSLs [District Beaver SLs], DCSLs, & DESLs - who help the ADCs.
For County level, substitute C [County] for D in the above.
Visit the Scoutese page for more translations.

Our policy on photographs is here.

If you have any photos you want including on the site, please e-mail them to me.

PhotoLens can provide most of the photographs on this site by clicking here.
For all your camping and outdoor needs we recommend Springfield Camping.
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