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Cub Scout Activity Badges: Water Activities


The Cub Scout must complete these four activities.

  1. Explain the safety rules that apply to all water activities.

  2. Be able to swim 50 metres.

  3. Be able to keep afloat for five minutes.

  4. Complete one of the following:

    1. Qualify for the British Canoe Union's Paddlepower One Young Paddler Award.

    2. Quality for the Royal Yachting Association Start Sailing Level One.

    3. Qualify for the British Sub Aqua Club's Basic Snorkel Diver Qualification.

    4. Qualify for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors' Discover Scuba-Blue Award.

    5. Qualify for the British Surfing Association's Junior Scheme Level One Award.

    6. Take part in three of the following:

      • Canoeing

      • Sailing

      • Scuba diving

      • Snorkelling

      • Boating

      • Windsurfing

      • Waterskiing

      • Surfing

      • Rafting

      • Pulling

      • Rowing