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2008-2009 Autumn/Winter programme

Group Camp photos here.

Summer camping at Bradley Wood photos

Chicken Stir Fry with Basil

How are you doing with your Scout Challenge Badges?
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Remember, a £5 book token for every friend who gets invested.


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District activities are listed here.

A growing list of what we have done in the past can be found in the Programmes section of the Archive.

To help you gain badges plus lots of other information, please go to the Scout Resource pages .

Activity Badge Ticklists [to take home]

  Home Help
  Home Safety
  Staged - Information Technology stages 1-5

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Check out our Recruitment Flyer and our PDF Membership Enquiry Form or go to our on-line version.

For everyone:

At Scoutbase:

  00 Resource Pack Cover   BadgeZone
  01 Welcome To Crosland Hill   The Virtual Patrol
  02a To The New Member    
  02b Membership Details    
  03 The Sections

Scout Troop

  04a Scout Uniforms   Scout Activity Badges & Zone Wheel
  05 6-25 Programme   Scout Badges & Awards
  06 Uniform Policy   Scout Badges
  07 YOUNG PEOPLE FIRST   Scout Challenge Record Sheet
  08a Anti-Bullying Policy   Scout Law & Promise
  08b CRB Explanation   Scout Membership Award
  09a Child Protection   Scout New
  09b Media & Wesite Policy   Chief Scout's Gold Award
  10 CRB - Policy   Scout Patrol Competition - Rules
  11 CRB - Policy on Portability   Scout PL's Duties
  12a Gift Aid Explanation   Scout Position Of Badges
  13a Parent Support   Scout Uniform Policy
  13b Jobs   Scout Zone Wheel
  14 The Scouters' Team 2005   Scouts, A Background
  15 The Group Executive Team, 2005   What is a Patrol Leaders Council
  16 History Of The Movement (HJC)   What Is Scouting
  17 History 9th

Group Award Badges

  F1 Health & Information Form   The International Friendship Award
  F2 Gift Aid Declaration, Subs   Environment
  F3 Standing Order Mandate   Faith Award
  F4 Parents Help Form   Group Awards Badges
  F6 Labels

Activity Badge Ticklists [to take home]

  F7 My Good Turn Diary   Camp Cook
  F8 e-mail Survey   Camper
  F9 ME!   Campsite Service
  F10 Membership Enquiry Form   Chef

Basic Core Sheets

  Data Protection   Hobbies
  Fundamentals Of Scouting   Navigator
  Group Awards Badges   Physical Recreation
  Participation & Moving-On Awards   Sports Enthusiast
  B-P History   Staged - Information Technology stages 1-5
  Camp Bank    
  How Scouting Grew    
  Scouting Symbols & Ceremonies  


Since this Group was closed I keep this site going as a tribute to the Group, its former members, and because of the vast amount of resources I built up over the years. To lose all this would be a travesty. I do all this at my own expense.

Should you find the site helpful and want to donate, please do so.
We're here to help - Scoutese in Plain English:
SL - Scout Leader - the person in charge of the Scout Troop;
Prefixes: G(SL) - Group (Scout Leader) - co-ordinator of the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts [& Explorers];
Prefixes: C - Cub - i/c Cub Pack; B - Beaver - i/c Beaver Colony; E - Explorer - i/c Explorer Unit;
Prefix: A - Assitant - someone who helps the Leader.
Visit the Scoutese page for more translations.

Our policy on photographs is here.

If you have any photos you want including on the site, please e-mail them to me.

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