In Memoriam

A page devoted those those of our members who have passed away.

There will be a form at the bottom should you wish to send messages of remembrance which can be published here.

The list is obviously far from complete.

Dick Prior
Senior Scout, SSM, VSL
Carol Baldwin
Neil Sedwick
Cub, Scout, Venture
Anne Oldfield
CSM then CSL
Paul Aitken
Cub, Scout, Venture
Darren Longbottom
Steven Wadsworth
Cub, Scout, Senior Scout
Martin Shaw
Cub, Scout, Senior Scout

Anne Oldfield

Anne Oldfield sadly passed away in October 2005. She was without any shadow of a doubt one of the most influential people it has been my privilege to know.

Once you had met Anne you would never forget her – she wouldn’t let you! And hundreds of adults who were once in her Cub Pack will agree with me.

Anne arrived at Crosland Hill ‘just to help out’ in the Wolf Cub Pack in the early sixties. Her new husband, Ken, had persuaded her to join us temporarily. I had just left Cubs, but I soon got to know Anne.

Anne’s ideas of Cubbing certainly matched those of the youngsters who came through the HQ’s doors: games, Scouting, camping, hostel trips, London trips, discipline, and lots, lots more.

So successful was Anne that the 36-strong Cub Pack had an eight year waiting list! One John Bowen went to Anne and asked if his twin brothers could be put on this list. Anne asked how old they were. John replied “2 days”!

Eventually a second Pack had to be formed to help Anne share the load.

Finally years of running round the HQ and trapsing up and down Whitley Beaumont’s hill took their toll. Anne’s knees began to wear, and she became riddled with arthritis. This forced Anne to retire from Scouting soon after Ken in the early nineties.

As if that wasn’t enough for such a towering lady to put up with, she also became ill with Parkinson’s Disease.

Anne suffered greatly in her later days, but she bore it well.

Our sincere condolences go to Ken, Jane, and Helen.

A truly great, unselfish lady who influenced – and still does - more than she came into contact with.

Dick Prior

It is with extreme sadness that I announce the passing of Dick.

Dick was brought up in Crosland Moor and began his life at Crosland Hill as a Senior Scout at 15 years of age. He achieved his Queen's Scout a couple of years later. He then helped in Scouts, where I first met him [I was a Scout]. He moved on to be Senior Scoutmaster then Venture Scout Leader. He also helped me run the Scout Troop in the 70s.

He married Angela, one of the Assistant Cub Leaders, in the late 60s.

Dick & I have had many 'adventures' together. Together we ran many canal expeditions and camps.

Ever since he 'retired' from Crosland Hill back in 1990 I've been trying to get him involved again, but to no avail. However, he did remain a warden at the Scammonden Activity Centre until very recently.

Dick got bowel cancer some 3 years ago. He had a lot of treatment and appeared to stabilise.

Apparently a couple of months ago it came back with a vengeance.

I was told last week that he had gone into the local hospice where I went to see him on Saturday.

I'm going to post an obituary of him on the website. If there's anything you want to add please let me know.

The funeral will be on Wednesday 23rd July, 2:00 pm at the Crematorium.

If you ever come across any ex-Scouts [pre 1990], please pass on this sad news.

Condolences to Angela, Alan, & the rest of his family.

Thie from Peter:

"I remember Dick from years ago, his birth year was the same as mine 1944. I used to swap Biggles books with Dick and Bob Armitage. Dick was always ready for some fun and loved singing along with Lonnie Donegan.

"I was sorry to read about his death on your web site, I tried to leave a message in your communication box but it kept referring me to my e mail site so I have had to write an e mail.

"Peter Summers (1950's to 1960's)"

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