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About Us

Scouting started at Crosland Hill in 1946. A lady called Margaret Pickles (nee Hirst) formed a Wolf Cub Pack. (Margaret attended our 50th Anniversary celebrations in 1997.) They held their meetings at the Manor Farm House, kindly offered by Frank Roberts.

In 1947 it became obvious that a Boy Scout Section was required. Ian McGill took on the role of Scout Master. Harold Mellor, Eric Wyke, David Tompkins, and Keith Belbin all helped out over the next year or two.

By chance (or was it design?), Margaret got off a trolley bus at Crosland Hill one day, and started chatting to one Ken Oldfield. That conversation ever so slightly changed Ken’s life!! For the next forty-odd years Ken passed on Scouting knowledge and influenced some 500 boys. In fact his inspiration is still being felt—Dave C learned all he knows from Ken, and Dave F was one of Dave’s Scouts.

In the 60’s, Crosland Hill was the most famous and successful Troop in Huddersfield, winning every competition and trophy going. Margaret gave up being Cub Mistress in the early 60’s. She was followed by Ronnie Daggett for a spell, and then a young lady whom Ken had recently met. What powers of persuasion—he not only managed to install a legendary Cub Leader, but married her into the bargain! The reign of Cub Leader supreme, Anne Oldfield, had started.

Such was Anne’s success that in 1976 a 2nd Cub Pack was started, with Ian Shackcloth (a lifelong 9th member) becoming its Akela.

The Scout section, meanwhile, had grown to become the largest Troop in SW Huddersfield (disregarding Newsome’s band) with Dave C as Scout Leader. Ken’s success and traditions were continued, and numbers rose to almost forty.

In the 70’s Venture Scouting had become mixed. Dick Prior had been Senior Scout Master (an earlier name for Venture Scout Leader) since the mid-60’s. He was now joined by an ex-army PT instructor, John Sullivan. He was the step-father of a couple of Scouts (Neil & Chris) and husband of the then treasurer, Barbara. Together with help from Dot Foster, Venture Scout numbers rose to 40!

In 1990, we joined the ever-increasing number of Groups to start a Beaver Scout Colony. Pat Mellor was the Leader with Joanne Foster ably supporting.

In the 90’s five stalwarts of the Group all moved on to pastures new. First Dick, then Dave (albeit temporarily), Ken, Anne, and finally Ian. These Leaders must have clocked up almost 200 years at the 9th between them!

Losing such dedicated Leaders was a blow, but their replacements took up the respective mantles with enthusiasm and commitment. This ensured that Scouting at Crosland Hill is alive, kicking, and thriving.

It goes without saying that many important and influential figures have been omitted from this potted history;

  1. Geoff Sutton, the first Wolf Cub to move into the Boy Scouts (& also put Dave Calverley’s name on the waiting list!);
  2. Dave Harrison—Dick’s deputy whilst he was having his “arm job”;
  3. Stuart Armitage, Pete Blackburn, John Ives, Martin Shaw, Stephen Wadsworth—Scouts extraordinaire from the 60’s, with Roger Green (the oldest Wolf Cub in Huddersfield) a later addition;
  4. AB (Andrew Blackburn), Mick Cowlam, Julian Goodall, Malcolm Haigh, Jeremy & Jonathan Lodge, their 70’s equivalent;
  5. Bruce Daggett, Bob Armitage, C Dyson, Ralph Nuttall, A Asquith, Richard Knight, Roger Green, Malcolm Booth, Jonathan Whittaker, Andrew Smith, Tricia Black, Neil Pashley, Kath Gibson, J Miller, and C Duggan—Queen’s Scouts not already mentioned;
  6.  Neville Broadbent (& dog);
  7. Ann Heaton (now Harrison) & Carol Baldwin - superb assistants to Anne Oldfield;
  8. Denise Brierley, Vera Noble (now Foster) - Akelas after Ian Shackcloth;
  9. Helen Lodge (née Calverley) & Alison Armitage, Anne’s ACSLs;
  10. Dave Foster—a superb QM;
  11. John Mitchell—SL between Ken & Dave;
  12. Sid Asquith, Eric Lodge, Keith Stephenson—building builders;...

Father & Son Camps;
Family Camps;
Canal Holidays;
Winter Survival Camps;…

I know I have probably gone over the top here, but I just want you to know what a tradition we have, and what a magnificent organisation and Group you have joined.

To quote what Ken always used to say when he invested a new Scout:
Once a Scout, always a Scout”, by which he meant that you make the Scout Promise, but you never ‘unmake’ it.

An e-mail From our Mole at HQ [Neville]


You've started something now haven't you!!!!!!!

Having checked our records for the Group's registration date I asked the Archives team to check for the original registration document.............Guess what there are also 2 earlier 9th Huddersfield Groups registered!!!!!!!!!!

A 9th Huddersfield Group was first registered at Primrose Hill Baptist using the Baptist Sunday School as a headquarters on the 19th March 1928 (Reg: No: 18221) The Scoutmaster was a Rev. G N Graham and he had 6 Scouts in March which had increased to 8 Scouts in October 1928. The Group Registration was cancelled in 1934.

A second 9th Huddersfield Group at St John's, Lepton was registered on the 13th March 1936 (Reg: No: 17821) giving the address of the HQ as the Parochial Hall, Lepton. The Cubmaster/GSM was Kathleen Procter and she had 12 Wolf Cubs.

The real 9th Huddersfield was actually registered as Crosland Hill Methodist on the 10th July 1946 by Margaret Hirst assisted by Trevor Elam (whose name was then crossed out) with 12 Wolf Cubs. The words 9th Huddersfield were added later. The Group was originally Sponsored (by the Methodist Chapel) but there is a note that the Group became an 'Open' Group in 1968.

There is more, lots more..........

The Wolf Cub Pack was joined by a Scout Troop in 1949 and a Senior Scout section was added in 1959 which became a Venture Unit in 1968. In 1974 and 1975 there was no Venture Unit but in 1976 we had 2 Cub Packs, a Scout Troop and a Venture Unit which then continued in this form until 1982 when this information ceased to be recorded.

Warrants...........(all taken from handwritten cards, hence subject to 'interpretation')

Margaret Hirst was CM from 28th Nov 1949 to 26th May 1964
David Tompkins was ASM from 24-10-50 until 29-11-54 when he became SM until the 6-11-58 when he became GSM until 7-3-62
Anne Oldfield became CM on the 1st April 1966 (no close date)
Miss A M Croft (who became Mrs Prior) was an ACM from 7-8-66 until 5-6-68
Miss J H Evans was an ACM from 7-2-53 until 17-1-56
R C Daggett was an ACM from 6-7-56 until 20-5-66
Miss E Armstrong was an ACM from 12-6-59 until 3-11-60
Geoff Sutton was an ASM from 24-4-61 until 5-8-66 when he became a ACM until 1-4-71
Ken Oldfield was an ASM from 3-7-53 until 6-8-58 when he became SM until 27-9-68 when he became GSL
J Barber was an ASM from 1-10-65 until 31-3-72
K Belbin was an ASM from 6-3-56 until 6-8-58 when he became an ASM(S) until 26-8-59
B Popham was an ASM from 19-5-60 until 18-10-65
Robert Armitage was an ASM from 17-10-61 until 18-6-63
Richard Prior was an ASM from 7-3-62 until 20-11-64 when he became an ASM(S) until 13-10-67 when he became VSL
Neville Broadbent was an ASM from 22-1-65 until 31-3-70
C Dawson was an SM(S) from 28-6-60 until 27-8-63
David Harrison became an ASM from24-2-64 until 17-5-65
J Mitchell became an ASM from 18-4-67 until 27-9-68 when he became SL
Ian Shackcloth became an ACSL from 14-5-68 until 29-5-70
Ada Fawthrop became an ACSL from 21-9-70 until 1-2-74
D A Cargill became an ASL on 6-3-72
D A Calverley became an ASL on 18-4-74
Mrs C E Baldwin became an ACSL on 1-12-75
Mrs D B Brierley became an ACSL on 1-12-75
J M Whittaker became an ASL on 1-12-75

I will try and find more recent appointments later although warrants have been issued to Districts rather than Groups for some time and it would help if you could prime me with some idea of who is missing.

That should fill in a few gaps..........




Since this Group was closed I keep this site going as a tribute to the Group, its former members, and because of the vast amount of resources I built up over the years. To lose all this would be a travesty. I do all this at my own expense.

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