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Cub Outdoor Challenge

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Cub Scouts should complete all of the following:

Take part in at least one residential experience (preferably camping) with a minimum of two nights away. The two nights do not need to be consecutive.





































Explain to other Cub Scouts what activity they enjoyed most whilst on the residential experience and what activity they found hardest. This could be in the form of a poster, story, photographs or similar.





































Learn two new skills and use them, for example: tracking, fire lighting or some basic knots.





































Take part in three new outdoor activities that you have not done before, for example, shelter building, pioneering, archery, skiing, abseiling, a wide game or kite flying






































We're here to help - Scoutese in Plain English:
Beavers, Cubs, & Scouts train and take part in various Challenges which lead to the awarding of Challenge Badges which are worn on the right breast;
Explorers train towards the DofE Bronze, silver, & Gold Awards;
There are also Activity Badges which are worn on the left sleeve;
The top Beaver award is the Chief Scout's Bronze Award;
The top Cub award is the Chief Scout's Silver Award;
The top Scout award is the Chief Scout's Gold Award;
The top Explorer award is the Queen's Scout Award.

Visit the Scoutese page for more translations.

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