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Whitley Beaumont

Base Camp
Group + Family Camp Bradley
JOTA Kettlewell Scammonden Whitley
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The site is 11 acres of former parkland with a central copse that is sheltered by woodland to the southwest and north, which helps to give the effect of remoteness. Within the site, a short steep slope forms a natural barrier between the main part and the northwest end where the training hut is situated.

The training hut has a large activity/dining room and a kitchen with running hot water, instant water heater, 6-burner gas cooker (with separate oven and grill), large fridge and payphone. Visitors should note that no cooking or personal utensils are provided.)

There is a store hut in the centre of the site containing ropes, pulleys, nets, tyre, spades, barrow, ladder, maul etc., which are available for campers’ use. The hut has an adjoining toilet block. Additionally there are mains water points, campfire circle, altar fires, pioneering poles and woodpile. Turf may be cut for open fires if it is re-laid afterwards.

The site is reached via a rough narrow track where passing is difficult. Campers are therefore encouraged to walk from the public road and to restrict vehicles to those staying or carrying equipment.

Approximately 200 campers can be facilitated on this site, which is 1km from public transport and 2km from the shops in Lepton and there is plenty of good walking nearby.

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Since this Group was closed I keep this site going as a tribute to the Group, its former members, and because of the vast amount of resources I built up over the years. To lose all this would be a travesty. I do all this at my own expense.

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