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Newsletter - 1974 April

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This is the first issue in what, we hope, will be a thriving monthly magazine for you, about you, and, more importantly, BY you. We shall print news and events. We shall also print YOUR items - be they stories, poems, jokes, puzzles, crosswords, pictures, and anything else you may come up with.

We shall need an editorial staff to collect the various items, sort out which are worth printing, and to distribute the magazine.


Congratulations to the Falcon Patrol on several accounts.

Firstly on coming 2nd in the Winter Competition. Without detracting from Jeremy's leadership and Timothy's enthusiasm, would Julian's presence have helped gain those vital 5 points? Nevertheless, well done to everyone concerned - including Peewits, who put up such a good show.

Secondly, congratulations on doing a Liverpool on Owls (Leeds). After an excellent start, Owls lacked the finish, and let in Falcons for March's Patrol Competition. Third time lucky, Peewits?

Thirdly, that job challenge for Job Week Challenge. 2 incorrect map references stopped Falcons obtaining full marks on the local knowledge. But oh, Owls and Peewits! Your results were bad, very, very bad. There is no excuse for not being able to do something you were told only 1 week previous. Shame on you.


Wed 24th April 

District final of Highway Code Competition.

Fri 26th April

Divisional final of Highway Code Competition.

Sat 27th April

Swimming Gala at Cambridge Road Baths.

Let's do well, if not win, these two events.

WANTED - Features Editor to run these columns.


(From Scouting For Boys)

A simple deduction from signs noticed on my walk one morning on a stormy mountain path in Kashmir.

Signs observed:

Tree-stump about 3 feet high by the path. A stone about the size of a coconut lying near it, to which were stuck some bits of dried, bruised walnut rind. Some walnut rind was also lying on the stump. Farther along the road, 30 yards to the south of the stump were lying bits of walnut shell from 4 walnuts. Close by was a high, sloping rock alongside the path. The only walnut tree in sight was 10 yards to the north of the stump.

At the front of the stump was a cake of hardened mud which showed the impression of a grass shoe.

What could you make out from these signs?

My solution of it was this.

A man had gone southward on a long journey along the path two days ago carrying a load and had rested at the rock while he ate walnuts.

My deductions were these.

It was a man carrying a load because carriers when they want to rest do not sit down, but rest their load against a sloping rock. Had he had no load he would probably have sat down on the stump, but he preferred to go 30 yards further to where the rock was. Women do not carry loads there, so it was a man. He broke the shells of his walnuts on the tree stump with the stone, having brought them from the tree 150 yards north, so he was traveling south. He was on a long journey, as he was wearing shoes, and not going barefoot as he would do if only strolling near his home. 3 days ago there was rain, the cake of mud had been picked up while the ground was still wet but it had not since been rained upon, and was now dry. The walnut rind was also dry, and confirmed the time that had elapsed.

There is no important story attached to this, but it is just an example of everyday practice which should be carried out by Scouts.

Are you as observant as B-P was?


This column deals with jokes, puzzles, quizzes, etc.

eg Crack this code:

23 16319635

WANTED - Spare Editor to run this column.

Have you heard about the Irish bloke who bought a paper shop? - It blew down.

Or about the Welsh fellow who backed a horse at ten to one? - It finished at quarter to four.


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WANTED - Adverts Editor to run this column.


Since this Group was closed I keep this site going as a tribute to the Group, its former members, and because of the vast amount of resources I built up over the years. To lose all this would be a travesty. I do all this at my own expense.

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