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Team Spirit


Characteristic of Groups that have Great Team Spirit

Wherever you encounter groups, organisations and clubs that enjoy a tremendous sense of unity and pride you will notice them record events for posterity, mark special occasions in their history and collect souvenirs from their journeys.

 Is yours the kind of group that in ten years time your members will look back on their experiences with fond memories? Do your members take pride in their involvement with the group?

 If so, one thing you can do is to take a photograph of the group when you are all together. This can be at your meeting place or before you depart for a week away. Use a word processor or similar to prepare a small strip to be stuck along the bottom - this will give everybody’s name and perhaps some other details.

 The whole thing can be colour photocopied at a shop in town for just a couple of pounds and those wanting a copy can frame it or mount it as they wish. The perfect souvenir.

Principle: A desire to remember is a good sign that things are going well within the group. If you take the group away on camps or holidays notice how many photographs are taken.


If you have any photos you want including on the site, please e-mail them to me.

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