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Super Scouter


You Might Be a Super Scouter If . . .

  • You own enough Scouting mugs to supply the council office for a year.
  • You know at least ten different ways to lay out a cooking fire but don't know how to start your stove at home.
  • You can reduce the length of a fifty feet long rope to ten feet by tying knots in it, and you don't have to repeat any.
  • You are asked to discuss a classic novel and you begin talking about old versions of the Scout Handbook.
  • You can frame a house with lashings.
  • You own so many badges you could make an entire fashion collection by sewing them together.
  • You are asked to name the three most influential figures in history, and you start with Baden-Powell.
  • You have more palms than a small tropical island.
  • Your uniform is so encrusted with badges that it can stop 50 cal. shells.
  • You have so many merit badges that you have to but them on both sides of your camp blanket.
  • Your badge collection takes up two rooms.
  • You have developed a tolerance to barbecued food.
  • You do all your cooking in a Dutch oven, even at home.
  • You never get lost in the forest, but you can't find your home room.
  • Your Fifty Miler badges stretch fifty miles when laid end to end.
  • You can prepare camp meals that are actually good, with no utensils.
  • Your Quality Unit badges extend from your shoulder to your socks.
  • You enjoy eating Kendal Mint Cake (without the need of Tabasco sauce.)
  • Your adult Scout uniform has short sleeves.
  • The moths don't even go near your red wool jacket.
  • You would rather sort your badges than go to dinner with your folks.


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