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Murphy Was A Scouter


Murphy Was A Scouter

Everyone knows Murphy's Law. Well, it is a little known fact the Murphy was actually a Scout Leader, as the following demonstrate:

    • Scout Leaders who fail to show up at Leader's planning meetings are automatically volunteered for the next least favoured instruction or activity.
    • The last Scouter who quit will be held responsible for everything that goes wrong - at least until the next Scouter quits.
    • No matter how long or hard you shop for a particular piece of camping gear, immediately after you've bought it, it will be on sale somewhere cheaper.
    • Under the most rigorously controlled conditions of time, planning, material acquisition, skill testing and training, <Scouts/Cubs> will invariably do as they dang well please.
    • The time spent on consuming a camp meal is in inverse proportion to the time spent preparing it.
    • Any tent peg, when dropped, will fall immediately where the tent will be placed and directly underneath where you will place your sleeping bag.
    • Interchangeable parts aren't.
    • The chance of a piece of bread falling with the buttered side down, is directly proportional to the amount of mud in which you are standing.
    • Leakproof seals - will.
    • Never eat prunes when you're famished.
    • Matches are always at the bottom of the rucsac when you need them.
    • Matchboxes always open upside down, spilling the contents.
    • The size of the fire is inversely proportional to the need, (for example - a glimmer for cooking and a roaring inferno for the campfire singing).
    • The map you bring is the wrong one, someone has just used the correct one to light the fire.
    • The number of tent pegs is always equal to the number of guy-ropes, less one.
    • There is always a rock buried where you want to drive in the tent peg.
    • The strength of the wind (and rain) is inversely proportional to the number of people putting up the tent.
    • Meals are always eaten before the Leader has time to eat.
    • The Leaders' sausages (hot-dogs) are always the ones that fall into the fire.
    • Lights out, for Scouts, is defined as the time to start having fun.
    • The weight of rucsacs increases with the distance travelled.
    • Contents of a rucsac always increase in size when you try to repack them.
    • Contents of the rucsac reverse position after packing, in proportion to their urgency of need (most needed items at the bottom).
    • The carrier of the First Aid kit is always the furthest person away from the emergency.
    • The size of cuts is always greater than the biggest Band-Aid available.


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