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Mr & Mrs Else


With great regret we announce the loss of one of the Group’s most valuable families - Mr & Mrs Else. Someone & his wife Anybody have moved away, and the vacancy they have left will be hard to fill.

The Elses have been with us for many years; they have done far more than their share of the work for the Group. When there was a job to do, a badge to teach, or a meeting to attend, their name was on everybody's lips: "Let Someone Else do it". Whenever a committee was mentioned, this wonderful family was looked to for inspiration as well as results: "Someone Else will set up the event.". And when there was a trip to take Mr & Mrs Someone Else were thought to be the best transportation: "Let Someone Else take them.".

The Someone Elses are wonderful people, but they are only human. They could spread themselves only so thin. Many a night I have sat up and talked with Someone and heard him wish aloud for more help in the Group. He and his wife did the best they could, but people expected too much from them.

We have to face the fact that there were just not enough Someone Else’s to go around. And now the Someone & Anybody Else are gone, and we're wondering what we are going to do without them.

They have left us a great example to follow, but who will follow it? Who is going to do the things that Someone & Anybody Else did?

Please send retirement donations to me c/o your youngster’s section Leader.


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