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Sikh Temple visit photos

Group Supporters' Team - minutes:
January 2009
February 2009


Scout 'Ready, Steady, Cook' photos
Cub Indoor Cooking photos


FAMILY Quiz Night, Broad Oak Bowling Club, details

Explorer's Winter/Spring programme
Cub 2009 Winter/Spring programme
Cub weekly programme
Scout weekly programmes for January & February

Eatwell Plate - healthy eating information
5-A-Day - healthy eating information

Keeping children safe - the Scout Association's 'Young People First' policy...
...including the 'Yellow Card'

Details of the Giant Scout match - v Hull FC




With a flourish at the end of the year, photos:
Scout Outdoor Cooking;
Halloween Party;
Winter Camp;
Christmas Walk.

A Plain English page to translate Scoutese. Sections also appear on most pages in the site.

A couple of 1968 specials!!!

Details for the Annual 'Shed Some Pounds' Christmas Walk [details now online].

September' Group Camp photos - at long last!!!

Cub programme for December

Sleeping Out In Winter

Crispy buns/sweets recipes:
Bailey Buns
Chocolate Crispy Buns
Chocolate Crispy Nests
Upmarket Rice Crispy Buns
'Truffle Chocolate Eggs' added to the 'Advanced Sweets' recipes

Cub Scout Challenges
'Super Cubs'

2009 Calendar started [Microsoft Word document]

Form on the 'In Memoriam' page

Group Supporters' Team's September's Minutes


Totally redesigned Home Page - but you'll know that by now!!


Group Social @ Tandoori Monsoon, Slaithwaite: online booking here.

Online bookng form for Kettlewell


New 2008 & 2009 dates

Group Camp Information

Beaver pages
Cub pages
Scout pages
Explorer pages

Progress Stages of members for Leaders;
Cub Challenge Badge checklists
Scout Challenge Badge checklists

Cub September programme

Scout 2008-2009 Autumn/Winter programme
Cub 2008-2009 Autumn/Winter programme [provisional]

Group Supporters' Team - Minutes Of August's meeting

September Group Camp booking form
Kettlewell booking form
2008 Kettlewell brochure


Cub Summer Backwoods Cooking - photos
Scouts Summer Camping - photos

Booking forms:
Group September Camp at Bradley Wood


Beaumont Park Gala photos
Group Activity Evening photos [2007!!!]

A link to the Retired Scouter website on the Links page

Rogues' Gallery [Pics of Leaders] updated

Roll Of Honour page replaces Queen Scouts page

Group Supporters Team - Minutes of July's meeting


Diary updated - forthcoming couple of months on 'Welcome' page

Group Supporters Team - Minutes of June's meeting

Scout Summer programme
Scout camps information

Cub Spring-Summer programmes
Cub weekly programmes for June & July

Group Camp photos


Scout Expedition Challenge photos

Explorers 'Ready, Steady, Cook' photos

Staged Badges checklists [for Leader's records]:
Information Technology 1
Information Technology 2
Information Technology 3
Information Technology 4
Information Technology 5
Hikes Away

Staged Badges ticklists [for 'Scouts' to take home]:
Information Technology stages 1-5

Cub Activity Badge ticklists [for Cubs to take home]:
Home Help
Home Safety
Road Safety

Scout Activity Badge ticklists [for Scouts to take home]:
Camp Cook
Campsite Service
Physical Recreation
Sports Enthusiast

Scout Activity Badge checklists [for Leader's records]:
Camp Cook
Campsite Service
Physical Recreation
Sports Enthusiast


"Join The Adventure 9th Style" presentation

Redsigned resource page for Leaders

Staged Badges checklists [for Leader's records]:
Emergency Aid 1
Emergency Aid 2
Emergency Aid 3
Emergency Aid 4
Emergency Aid 5

Scout Activity Badge checklists [for Leader's records]:
Membership Badge

Cub Scout Activity Badges checklist sheets [for Leader's records]:
Membership Badge
Home Help
Home Safety

Ice Skating photos

New record sheets for new Challenge Awards - excellent for Leaders' record keeping:

Group Camp Booking Form

Scout 2008 Spring/Summer Programme
Programmes for April/May's Scout meetings
Programmes for April's Cub meetings

District Scout 6-A-Side Soccer photos

Town Hall photos

More Navigation ['Map & Compass'] material
More Navigation games & exercises

Signed Scout Promise


Link to 'The Dump', a site containing PDFs of hundreds of old books on Scouting. Have a browse.

Fire Station photos

Midnight Hike photos

Fire & Ice Camp photos
Explorers Duke Of Edinburgh Training Weekend photos
More photos from:
Kettlewell 2007
Explorers' Christmas Meal

Cooking Competition photos
Night Hike with Cooking photos


Photo Archive from 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1997, 2000, & 2001

Cubs cooking - photos
Scouts cooking outdoors - photos


2 more recipes:
Chicken Stir Fry
Cornish Pasties

Cub Winter/Spring Programme
Scout Winter/Spring Programme
Explorer Winter/Spring Programe




Annual 'Shed-Some-Pounds' Christmas Jaunt photos here

Explorers' Christmas Meal up Pule Hill, Marsden - photos

Ice Skating Party - photos

Beavers' Trip to the National Railway Museum, York - photos


Annual Christmas Quiz - 'What's In A Letter?' - Go on, download it & have some fun!

Annual Shed-Some-Pounds Christmas Jaunt details

Cub Halloween Party Photos

Scout November programmes

2006 District Scout Camp photos


JOTA Photos
Kettlewell Photos

1984 Photos
More 1970's photos

Cub Activities for October & November
Nature added to Scoutcraft

US Lifetime Trip gets underway

Tents for sale

Kettlewell Information


Explorer Autumn/Winter programme

Cub Challenge Badge progression
Scout Challenge Badge progression

Lifetime Trip preliminary information

Scouts & Explorers - raise money for the trip to the US in 2009 at this sponsored event.
Sponsor form here.

Bring-A-Friend' climbing & camping - details here.

Programmes & Activities fro September & October:

Games & Activities:
Global Activities Sheet;
Compass Mines;
Understanding Map Contours;
The Poverty Maze;
Un-Nature Trail;
Global Games & Activities;
Recycling Chart;
Letter Home regarding Recycling Chart;

Kettlewell Booking Form


Scout 2007-2008 Autumn Winter Programme
Cub 2007-2008 Autumn Winter Programme

Some Groaners and Old Groaners

More 'Summer Meetings' photos

New Navigation Bars [ways to move from page to page] at the top of each page.

Great Tower Photos - US arrivals & departures
- Campsite
- Hiking
- Climbing
- Water Activities
- Sunrise Day
- The Tourist Bit
- Garden Party

World Jamboree Photos

Many more Scoutcraft Information Sheets added
Loads more Games & Activities to browse

Date of Enrolment Evening announced

Sad news - death of ex-ACSL Carol Baldwin

Classifieds page updated

Some Leaders' dates updated

Campfire activities:
Updated Dave's Campfire Songbook
Ghost Stories
Campfire Stories
Around-The-Fire Games

Latest camp information - 'Group + Family', Kettlewell, & Scammonden 2008

JOTA 50 information

Summer Meetings photos


2007 Summer Activities for Cubs & Scouts
'I'm A Scout Get Me Out Of Here' photos

Cub Games for July
Hot Air Balloons

Recipe for High Energy Food Bars ["Emergency Rations"]


Scout Questionnaire

Cub Nature Night photos

Scout Expedition Challenge photos

Cub programmes for June
Sout Programmes for June

Pack Pack Record Sheets for Cub Challenges
Checklists for various Cub Badges
Troop Record Sheets for Scout Challenge Badges


Centenary Camp photos [please be patient, there is a lot to see]


Newsletter - May 1974

Early handwritten Scout programmes

Animated climbing knots

Photo of our summer US visitors

Scammonden photos

Calendar updated

Crash Sites Hike photos

UK Heritage & Saints

In Memoriam


Rearrangement of Resource Pack pages
Templates for camping activities

A whole load of Navigation [Map & Compass] information sheets.

New links for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, & Explorers

Green Cross Code
UK Road Signs
Emergency Telephone Call
Bird Feeder

All new 'Splash', 'Welcome', & 'Dragon's Lair' pages + drop-down menus - comments?

Past Camp & Hostel programmes & menus

Cub Spring to Summer programme
Cub weekly programmes are now being posted online.
The Red-Nosed Cub Challenges.

Christmas Factoids winners announced
Christmas Factoids answers

More games - Obstacles & Incidents For Scouts


Scout weekly programmes for March

February Hike;
Scout Cooking;
Colne Valley Circular, Part 2 [Christmas Jaunt]

A whole load of 'Cooking' information sheets

Kit lists for Scammonden;
Centenary Camp [Bradley Wood];
Annual Camp [Great Tower];
Group/Family/Reunion Camp

Important February & March meetings dates

Site Map updated

General housekeeping update, so if you find any broken links please e-mail me [Copy & paste into your mail programme].


Scout programmes for January & February




Booking Forms for:
Centenary Camp
Great Tower [with Americans]
Family/Group/Reunion Camp

Calendar 2007 updated
Background letter to parents explaining 2007 programme

Climbing Night Photos


2007 Scout January to July programme
November & December Scout programmes
Archive Calendars
Scout 2007 Activities

Calendar 2007 updated
Privacy Statement

Please complete our e-mail Survey

Photos - District Capers' Practice
Photos from the Ice Skating trip
Curry Night photos [hope this is where you said you were going!!]

More games -
Challenges 2
Memory Games
Sense & Skill Training

Some Pernicious Puns


Kettlewell Photos
Previous Kettlewell Programmes & Menus

Camp & hostel equipment booklets updated

Some Mindbending Puzzles in the Games Section

Some Photos from the 1960's
Some Photos from the 1970's

Jamboree On The Air Photos

Support material for the Group Supporters Team
Support & training material for Leaders
Local Street Maps

New 'Flash' opening [pun intended!!].

Online Parental Help Form.

Scout Weekly Programmes
Scout Programme for Autumn/Winter 2006-2007

Site Map - links checked & updated

Tent outlines for model campsite making
Hiking Activities
Sweet Making Recipes

The Games Revolution is underway.
Check out our topical Fireworks Display.


Environmental Activities in the 'Games & Activities' section
Global Games & Activities in the 'Games & Activities' section
Environmental Quiz in the 'Games & Activities' section
Ropework sheets added to the 'Scoutcraft' section

Photos of Helen's Investiture

Leaders' Rogues Gallery

Centenary Camp Booking Form

Check out the new law regarding with regard to seat belts & transporting youngsters

Information regarding Cub Camp & Backwoods Camps.
Photos of - Cub Camp
      - Scout Backwoods Camp

Check out this information for your section:
Group Supporters Team.

Introducing our Diamond + 1 Anniversary Celebrations
An e-mail from our mole inside HQ adds to our history

Online Membership Enquiry Form
Contact Us form
A Letters page

More Scoutcraft information sheets
More Games & Activities
Fundraising information sheets & booklets
Picture Puzzles

Scout Autumn-Winter Programme
Kettlewell details
Jamboree On The Air [JOTA] information
Jamobree On The Air details are here.
Great Tower information
Provisional Kettlewell 2006 Programme - including a GHOST visit to Middleham Castle!

We need help with names of past members [in Excel format].

Summer Bivouacing at Bradley Wood - photos
Group Camp, at Ashworth Valley, photos belatedly added!


A Light Read - various interesting articles, mostly light-hearted
Games & Activities section started started
Past Explorer Programmes
Newsletter Archive started
Programme Archive started
Camping Information Sheets
Campfire Sheets & Songbooks
2007 Information Letters
List of Queen Scouts
List of Leaders
Home Page & Contents page merged into one in order to have a smoother entry to the site.
[Broadband has seen the demise of the 'instant' home page which would encourage visitors to not leave!]


Booking forms for:
Cub Camp
Scout Backwoods Camp
Explorers Service Crew @ Cub Camp


Draft canal photos
Classic 1976 canal photos!




Backwoods Cooking & Bivouacs - an introduction


Total re-design of the site using DreamWeaver.
Please bear with us if your favourite pages of old are not currently live, they soon will be.


12th April



Since this Group was closed I keep this site going as a tribute to the Group, its former members, and because of the vast amount of resources I built up over the years. To lose all this would be a travesty. I do all this at my own expense.

Should you find the site helpful and want to donate, please do so.
We're here to help - Scoutese in Plain English:
A Scout Group consists of a Beaver Colony + a Cub Pack + a Scout Troop [+ an Explorer Unit]
A Scout District consists of approximately 10 Scout Groups + Explorer Scout Units:
A Scout County consists of approximately 10 Scout Districts + Scout Networks;
The National Scout Association consists of all the Scout Counties.
Visit the Scoutese page for more translations.

Our policy on photographs is here.

If you have any photos you want including on the site, please e-mail them to me.

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